request for vintage enterprise software if possible and fifth generation systems/norton disklock

A lot of the vintage software you put on here is targeted at consumers. What about vintage/outdated/abandonware software targeted at enterprises running Netware or Windows Server networks? examples I have include but are not requests:

Norton Ghost for Netware
Norton AntiVirus for Netware
Norton Administrator for Networks
PowerQuest ServerMagic
Seagate Backup Exec
McAfee Netshield for Netware
Trend Micro ServerProtect for Netware
Novell BorderManager

This is all the same kind of vintage/outdated/abandonware software you have on here.
Besides that, I am looking for specific software and that is DiskLock, whether you find a copy from Fifth Generation Systems or Symantec, I would be grateful if any copies of that software were found.


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