Old patches/updates for vintage software and updated virus definitions for vintage norton antivirus

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So recently I found some updated virus definitions for various versions of Norton Antivirus dating from February 2002 found here.


(Which some of the files are surprisingly archived and downloadable by the way!!!!!)

But when I apply the update to Norton Antivirus 4.0 for DOS and Windows 3.1 the definitions are too large to fit on a single floppy disk. That would require multiple floppy disks for the definitions alone.

Now I had a look on the Symantec website in the Wayback Machine and found a patch that expands the rescue disk set to multiple disks so that those virus definitions can fit into a single rescue disk set. But of course, because the software is so old, the patch is lost to time along with any other updates. Not to mention the patch mentioned was for the Windows 95/98 version of Norton Antivirus 4.0.

If any of you know of any website that hosts any old patches/updates for any old/vintage/abandonware software I would appreciate that.

EDIT: I found the list of patches/updates for Norton Antivirus but I'm still looking for the patch

EDIT: Currently looking for virus definitions for the following Norton Antivirus products:

Norton Antivirus 2000 Virus Definitions Dated 7 September 2005
File: 20050907-016-i32.exe
Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20050908152428/http://www.sarc.com:80/avcenter/download/pages/US-N95.html

Norton Antivirus 5.0 for Macintosh Virus Definitions Dated 28 May 2003
File: NavM5_Installer_200306_US.hqx
Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20040803190607/http://www.sarc.com:80/avcenter/download/pages/US-NMC.html

Symantec Antivirus For Macintosh 4.5 Virus Definitions Dated 1 July 1999
File: 07Sam99_Defs.sea.hqx
Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20010711010045/http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/download/pages/US-SAM.html

Symantec's LiveUpdate feature doesn't work in Norton Antivirus 2000 because it freezes when trying to update. All others below that attempt and fail to connect to the now non-existent FTP server site.

If you can find any of these definitions somewhere hidden underneath the evolving internet, or better yet, a mirror of the entire Symantec FTP server site. I will be very grateful.
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