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One of our newest members MatthewH12 has provided us with a large amount of applications that will be made available within the next few days. If anybody is finding themselves unwelcome at any community, you should probably consult this fellow, he seems to know how to do it right.

There are also some game uploads although I think coreduo will be taking the majority of that.

If nobody has any objection these will probably be provided in .tar.gz format (which can easily be opened with WinRAR) as the newer 7zip is not easily available for linux CLI and I am archiving via ssh.

Here is the list...

31Secret is a copy of the floppies from the book Windows 3.1 Secrets. The installer's corrupted and not included, so i extracted the folders by hand and uploaded em
Action30 is Macromedia Action! 3.0, a presentation/multimedia app.
Afterdrk is Afterdark, multiple versions included - See Info.txt in folder
ANIMOUSE is a mouse cursor animator
AUTCADR13 is AutoCAD R13
CDEVSYS7 is Microsoft's C++ Development System 7
CLWKS - ClarisWorks for Windows
EXFORMS - Expert Forms
FANTAVSN - Fantavision a sort of animation app
FLYFING - Flying Fingers a Typing Tutor
FOXPRO25 - MS FoxPro 2.5
GEM301 - GEM for Dos 3.01
geos2us - GeoWorks 2.0 (This one MAY not work, its very picky about what HW you use).
HPFNTSMR - HP Font Smart, Win 3.1 Font manager
JOHNCAST - Johnny Castaway, a famous screen saver
LOTUS - Misc Lotus apps, includes Organizer 1.1 and Approach 3.0
MACROMAN - Macro Creator
MAKEOVER - MAKEOVER This one is VERY VERY RARE, especially in registered form. it's sort of an early skinning app for 3.1.
MAVIS - Mavis Beacon for Dos
MIRC - I think you know what this is =)
MMPACK - Multimedia pack for Windows
MMW - MultiMedia Workshop, kids educational program
MONEY30 - MS Money 3.0
MSBHUMAN - Magic School Bus - Human Body
MSBOBGW - MS BOB Gateway Edition - Bob 1.0a with extra content designed for GateWay 2000 PCs.
MSBSolar - Magic School Bus - Solar System
MSSCENES - MS Scenes Saturn, Undersea, and Wildlife
MSSPACE - Microsoft Space Simulator v1.0
NDOFF32A - New Deal Office 3.2A
NDW3 - Norton Desktop 3.0 for Windows
NETSCAPE - The browser, Misc versions
NETWARE3 - Novell Netware 3.0
NEWPS - New PrintShop for Dos
PA25 - Print Artist 2.5
PCCrayon - Dos Drawing App
PLUGIN - Plugin! for Windows, this is a MUST have if you run 3.1/3.11!
PM7 - Partition Magic 7 (No-Install)
POD - Pocket Oxford Dictionary
PRESENT2 - Harvard Presentations 2 for Dos
PRNTMSTR - Print Master
PRODPACK - Windows 3.1/3.11 Productivity Pack
PROSOUND - Sound App
PS40US - Photoshop 4.0
PSDLX - PrintShop Deluxe for Windows
QEMM - QEMM Memory Manager
QP2 - Quatro Pro 2
QUICKEN3 - Quicken 3.0
TT7 - Typing Tutor 7
TypeMan3 - Adobe Type Manager 3
WPSFW151 - Workplace Shell for Windows 1.51
AdvTskMn.EXE - Advanced Task Manager


  • That's quite a few programs you've got there.
  • Wow, nice old things!
  • Don't we already have New Deal Office 3.2a?


    PS. After Dark!!
  • Q: I admit there might end up being some duplicates, sorry about that, I have a lot of stuff :P

    Recent uploads for end of march:
    12mon10 - 12 Month Calendar
    DOSNAV - Dos Navigator, sort of like Norton Commander
    MSNC3DOS - Microsoft Network Client 3 for DOS
    STWIN101 - Screen Theif for Windows
    WINTUNE2 - WinTune 2.0 A benchmark/system tune app
    31Stuff - Random stuff for 3.1
    DRDOS - DRDos
    PSTYLER - PhotoStyler
    SUPP622 - Dos 6.22 Supplemental Disk
    4DOS750.EXE - 4DOS 7.50
    DSKDUPE3 - Disk Duplicator 3.0
    QTEASY16.EXE - Quicktime Installer
    TRBOVSN - Borland TurboVision 2.0
    WRD97CNV.EXE - Word976 Viewer
    ACDSee ACDSee16 2.2
    ENSEMBL4 GeoWorks Ensemble 4.0
    QVPRO248 QuickView Pro 2.48
    WinPen1a Windows for PEN Computing 1.0a
    AOLPRS20.EXE AOLPress 2.0
    SBAITSO2 Dr. Sbaitso
    W31RESKT Windows 3.1 Reskit
    XPRESS3 Quark Xpress 3
    CALMRA33.EXE Calmira 3.3
    MASK98 PRWin98 / MASK98
    SCRNSVR Misc Screensavers
    WAYF Wayferer
    XTREE301 XTreeDos 3.01
    CALXP40B.EXE Calmira XP 4.0B
    MINDREAD MindRead
    SCRNTHF Screen Theif Dos
    WC16V452 Windows Commander 4.52
    XTREEGLD XTree Gold
    CBACK290 Colorado Backup
    SDD60A.EXE SciTech Display Doctor 6.0A
    WIMA1630.ZIP WinImage16 3.0
    XTREEWIN XTree for Windows
    DESKMATE DeskMate for DOS
    MOSLO21 Slows down PC for older Games
    SEAL2 SEAL GUI for Dos
    WINMIX Mixer Toolbar
    DOS-USB USB Drivers for DOS
    MSDIAG3 MSDiagnostics 3.0
    SPINRITE SpinRite
    WINPLAY3 MP3 Player for Windows 3.1
    DOS6ResK Dos 6.0 Reskit
    MSMAIL32 MS Mail Remote Client 3.2
    STUFFIT!.EXE Stuffit for Windows
    WINTCPIP TCPIP Driver for WfW311
  • I'm sure you just made a 14 year old that's obsessed with old software jizz his pants.
  • BlueSun wrote:
    I'm sure you just made a 14 year old that's obsessed with old software jizz his pants.

    I checked today. Winworld does a good 7mbps 95%.

    I think you're just jelous of the success.
  • stitch wrote:
    I think you're just jelous of the success.

    First of all, what I meant was that some kid like many of us used to be, would have a field day with all of those downloads. I know that I would have back then. It wasn't intended to be a negative statement.

    Secondly, I have nothing to be jealous about. I don't run an abandonware site, nor do I want to.
  • Hey I could use some of these programs but cannot find them. Where are they available for download? Thanks -Mike

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    Most of those are on a nice little website called http://www.winworldpc.com . :P

    BTW, don't bump ancient topics without a good reason.

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