Inactive Account Purge & Issues for Microsoft Email Users

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If you've recently registered and didn't receive an email or have registered since the beginning of 2015 and never activated your account, you will need to make a new account. I just deleted all inactive user accounts, over 50 of them. For those who have tried to register in the past couple weeks and never received an activation email I apologize, please see below.

Unfortunately when we moved to a new server, we also acquired an IP address that has a history - that history at some point landing it in the Microsoft DNSBL. This means anyone using a Microsoft-based email service (Hotmail, Outlook, Live, etc) hasn't been able to receive any messages sent by our server, including activation emails for new accounts, for the past couple weeks.

stitch filled out a form aiming to getting the block removed (it's a long ass form) so those of you who use Microsoft email services will able to receive messages from us; as well as stop flooding our inboxes with undeliverable mail notices. We don't seem to be listed in any other DNSBLs according to the online check tools I've used, so otherwise email services on the boards should be working fine aside from your typical quirks...

As a short term solution I have disabled user email account activation on new forum registrations. Since newly registered users require moderators to approve their posts, you won't see the forums flooded with spam randomly. At worst I may have to purge a set of Probationary users and their posts.


  • Also, if you are trying to change your password and are on the above mentioned Microsoft-based email services, you will not get the New Password Activation email, that is required to complete the password recovery process.

    And similarly, any Winworld replies to GC from these services will bounce.

    As of today anyway, this issue persists, and we are aware of the issue. Blame Microsoft :P
  • Just noticed this also affects emails from domains. Apparently that is serviced through hotmail.

    This also means visitors from these domains can not receive direct replies to General Correspondence.

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