[Offer] Various Floppy/HDD related driver/utility programs

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This thread is for offer various Floppy/HDD related driver/utility programs.

*Do not write program request or question on this thread.
*Do not write or quote unnecessary random crap on this thread.

*XtraDrive 1.10 (5.25" & 3.5")

Content : 2 Disk Images (5.25" 1.2MB & 3.5" 720KB)

SHA1:eb148c1049d9972b92270c210a77cad74d8e7e2a / Disk 1 (5.25" 1.2MB)
SHA1:d77c75ed0d10a3c6d89971d8588872ba7ba3effa / Disk 1 (3.5" 720KB)


  • very good program !!! lots of better than stacker and doublespace because of bios level

    i have XtraDrive 3.0 if someone interrest
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