[Offer] Any Programs by Broderbund

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This thread is for offer Any Programs by Broderbund.

*3D Home Architect version 1.0 (1993)

Content : 2 Disk Images (3.5" 1.44MB)

SHA1:740939a46e7b4788d9879e8627040240263f08b7 / Disk 1
SHA1:12fe0ed3198b316bf3c5a59740c4ef3eddee2d26 / Disk 2


  • Well, I have already posted this and I haven't made a BIN/CUE image (the disc contains both Windows 3.x and Mac OS 7,x versions) of that, or I could separate the 2 versions into a ZIP (or 7-Zip) file for the Windows version, and a Stuffit file for the Mac version.

    I'm still new to the WinWorld forums and am just waiting for a staff member to give me the 'green light' to go ahead and upload them.
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