[REQUEST] Catz 1/Dogz 1

edited June 2017 in Offers & Requests
As one person offered Catz II for the library, I would like to request these two titles, or one of them. They were the very first games of the Petz series by PF Magic, and were released in two separate years: 1995 (for Dogz) and 1996 (for Catz). When they were just a new thing, everything about them was considered revolutionary and had since started a loyal fanbase, and capturing the hearts of many forever. However, I believe these games are very rare to obtain and may be rarer than the newer ones.

For those unfamiliar with these or would to know what they are like, here are some videos shown below for your curiosity and interest:
Catz 1
Dogz 1

As someone who had relived the Petz experience in full since Catz II being offered, I'm interested in giving these a shot, even if they're rudimentary at best. Hope to see both of them or one of these up in the library :)


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