Pc DOS 2000

Hi, I am looking to unstall pc dos 2000 on a machine but not sure how.
I have got an iso of the software.
If i burn the iso to a cd can i then use that as an installation disk?
I got the iso from this site.

Or do i need to burn images to floppy disks and use them, also available from this site.

And help is greatly appreciated


  • https://winworldpc.com/product/pc-dos/2000

    Available here is what i mean.
    Thank you

  • I am looking at burning the ISO to a USB using http://www.rmprepusb.com/
    creating a bootable disk. Im not sure will this just run PC DOS as a hard drive or does it install PC DOS on the existing hard drive? On newer operating systems it would be the latter but not sure about this older OS.
    Can anybody clarify if I am going about this the right way?
    I am in need of some help!

  • Mods, i realise now that this thread was started in the wrong section could it please be moved to the correct section? Product comment i guess is the section or whatever section is deemed suitable.
    Thank you

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