Microsoft Windows Boot Disk 95 OSR2.x


  • Why was the boot disk here removed?

  • Because it was garbage.

  • it seemed to work fine for me

  • I need bootdisk to install Windows 95 OSR 2.5 but it removed

  • MC Looper You can use Windows 98 boot disk :)

  • Will the Windows 95 OSR2 boot disk ever come back? Let me rephrase that...will you find a more stable boot disk for Windows 95 OSR2 to upload here?

  • @MC Looper You can use the "Windows95b.img" boot disk at, but make sure to copy all the cabinet files in the R:/WIN95 folder to a folder on the HDD and link to it when it throws an error.
    I have also made a DOS 6.22 bootdisk, but it won't be needed, unless youre installing on a FAT (not FAT32) partition.

  • @MC Looper said:
    I need bootdisk to install Windows 95 OSR 2.5 but it removed

    Use any boot disk. You only need to boot and launch the installer.

  • if you already have dos installed you dont need the boot disk to install windows 95 OS2.X i think
    Please correct me if im wrong
  • The "95 OSR2 - Boot Disk (Dell OEM)" boot disk works well for me. Once I found a good floppy to write to, I was pleased to note that this image includes FDISK and FORMAT unlike many of the other images out there. The default "NEC IDE CD-ROM" option works fine with my LG 40x CD-ROM on a VLB dual channel IDE controller. I booted from the floppy, ran FDISK on my drive, then rebooted, formatted, and started the Windows 95 installer from CD. (Windows 95 OSR 2.5 w/ Plus! image) It all worked great.
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