How do i change my account name?

Can you please provide me info on changing my name? My current one is JumpISO And I want to change it to WinExplosion99.


  • you can't change your user name I think, contact a admin on here, I think if you can they have to do it.

  • Yes, that's the only way to get a name change, I'm afraid.

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    Oh Ok I will contact an admin but how do you contact an admin and how do i know if they are admin??

  • The main bosses here are Duff, SomeGuy and calvinb, but I think you're better off contacting Duff as he's our mighty leader.

  • Ok i will try contacting Duff

  • he might can help you or you have to create another account

  • I know that, but then my email will be linked to the old account and not my new one.

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    So, Uh, I contacted an admin to change my name to "int_kirlez089" But they're barely active :neutral:
    (Oh, btw I changed my mind for the name so it's not winexplosion99 anymore)

  • Well I think you had better wait for answer from admin.
    There is no reason to discuss about chaing user account name on here anymore.

  • We would not normally change user account names unless there was a very good reason. Your own indecisiveness is a perfect example of why we do not. Changing user names can cause confusion in existing discussions. When you sign up on a forum, you should assume your username will be permanent. You just signed up so I don't see why you didn't bother to choose better.

    Putting that aside, I CAN'T change user names. The forum accounts are linked to the library accounts and it looks like changing them breaks things. I don't know if Duff or Calvin have a workaround for that, but it would be extra work that we will not do just to please someones whim.

    Since it has also come up: The way this forum/library are configured users can not change their own e-mail address, as they might on other forums. This is regrettable, but that is the way it is. Similar to the user name, it looks like changing it might break things, which is probably why users can not change it on their own. I am not sure what to do about this.

    And yes, we are all EXTREMELY busy with other things, so don't expect any kind of quick response.

  • oh ok i guess not

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