Important lack of software on this wonderful page.

edited August 2021 in Software
In my modest opinion, this page should have more. Although this page is about PC software, like it's name says, there are more than PC software. It contains apple software, and other mainframe software that cannot be installed or used on a pc.
Amiga... and also spectrum and other computer types.
That would make this great page a bigger library where find what everybody is looking for.

Thanks for reading me.


  • You want more software for other platforms here? I don't disagree at all. I just happen to be the only librarian here and early PCs+clones and business applications are my personal interest.

    Occasionally I'll grab something for another platform, but I'm already very backlogged with PC-related contributions. And non-pc platforms are a bit problematic for me. I don't have, for example, the tools to test copy protected Amiga disks. Also, there is no way I'm sorting though hundreds of crufty dumps (For example, the Apple II asimov site. or certain Mac sites).

    If somebody submitted a full tested original kroflux/SCP dump with artwork and manual scans of some Amiga tool, trs-80 software, or such, I'll consider adding it.
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