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  • Please refer to our archive format information: https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/10444/winworld-archive-format-information
  • He is probably just busy with other things. I would not worry about it too much. Things just keep working, so I have not needed to pester him about anything lately.
  • IBM Enhanced 5250 Emulation program 2.12 https://www.ebay.com/itm/192892435924?nordt=true 1983 Multiplan Electronic worksheet Manual Book & Cover https://www.ebay.com/itm/192892434764?nordt=true OEM IBM VoiceType Dictation Windows on 3.5…
  • We never removed the vista betas because they were already here ages ago and we were never told to remove them. But in the mean time, I plan to at least spend MY time archiving actual rare obscure software. Windows XP is not obscure. Microsoft on…
  • Downloads marked as ISO, you should just be able to burn to a CD with any CD burning software. Downloads marked as hard drive images need to be properly redumped. Some CD writer programs MAY write them, but they will not be bootable. Might still …
    in Mac OS 9 9.2 Comment by SomeGuy April 16
  • Edited your title for clarity. Keep in mind that most of the floppy disk images you are talking about are already on Winworld. Some people may indeed appreciate pre-configured VMs, but I think most here know how to install software themselves, an…
  • Please read the rules. No Windows XP or later on this site.
    in [REQUEST] Comment by SomeGuy April 16
  • Yes, that is a Compaq Portable Plus running Visi On.
  • Of course. I don't have the details of what version supports what, off hand, but they would have had support for whatever drives and partitions were common at the time. SpinRite II 1989-1991, SpinRite 3 1993, SpinRite 5 1998. I'd expect the curre…
  • The way the forum and library are linked together restricts how user IDs can be used. User management is done through the drop down menu in the library http://winworldpc.com , not the forum. But it looks like changing e-mail addresses is disabled fo…
  • Right. No XP or later due to Microsoft. Market share is irrelevant. Sorry about datacenter, which is obviously much less common. In the mean time, other sites may choose to carry that.
  • Because vintage hardware and vintage software go hand in hand. Plus, I plan to be there.
  • "IBM Software Manuals Book Guide Reference DOS" https://www.ebay.com/itm/153428704710?nordt=true Sold, but worth gawking at. This looks like it had the complete IBM OEM BPI accounting series as well as Dow Jones and a Lotus 1-2-3 "Plus". Can't bel…
  • Well, one I have seen will always think you are taking a picture in the dark and vastly over adjust. I heard a number of people damaged cameras trying to take pictures of that solar eclipse a few years back.
  • As an example, I just low-level formatted a hard drive that was giving me some odd issues. Turned out to be a cabling issue apparently. To keep things sane, I started over from scratch with a controller LLF, fdisk, format, and restored the drives da…
  • Did it still work after pointing it at the sun? That will damage many digital cameras.
  • Thanks for pointing that out. Updated the description.
  • First of all, please keep in mind that "Leak" implies that the software was provided under NDA or similar restrictions. That is not true of all pre-release software. Microsoft uses their pre-releases as free advertising. Not sure about every single …
  • The bits fell in to place perfectly. Thanks. I've added this to the library.
  • I told you these things don't work at all with "regular" batteries. I have a similar Samsung camera and it does exactly the same thing with regular batteries. You MUST use the high energy variety or the higher MAh rated rechargeable. The shit on …
  • Exactly. Is it really too much to ask for an ISO that is dumped directly from a CD rather than some crufty set of files downloaded from who knows where? On something as insanely common as Windows 98, I'm not going to bother posting some half-asse…
  • This CD image has been tampered with.
  • Fixed, I made a copy and paste error. Yea, they do want rather much, especially for something marked "demonstration" that may or may not contain the full software.
  • Seems a little slow on eBay right now. But there is still a lot of old items linked here that are available. WordPerfect 5.0 for OS/2 Unopend NFR https://www.ebay.com/itm/153415101913?nordt=true Noticed WinWorld has 5.2, but not 5.0, and we st…
  • Check and see if that camera has a built in format/erase option. You might need to use that first. What file system does it have on it? It is possible it requires a FAT16 partition (2GB max size).
  • It just came up as a new item listing in the vintage computing section. Hmm, if i knew for sure they were just blindly directly linking, I'd replace the link contents with the Goatse guy. Also, Windows 2000 can take any valid key since it does n…
    in eBay idiots Comment by SomeGuy March 31
  • The download has been updated.
  • Nope. Back when CD burning was very common, people were often blissfully unaware of how much or how little data they were putting on a CD. And they would shit themselves when I could tell them roughly how much data was on a CD just by holding it up …
  • As I recall, it ran OK under the PCE emulator in IBM 5160 emulation configuration. Of course, you will need to back up the hard disk image as soon as it is installed to work around its copy protection.
  • Nope. Sorry about that :-\