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  • Lotus https://archive.org/download/Old_Software_Pile_Collection_2016/OLD_SOFTWARE_L.zip/
  • @nick99nack said: " but there are, um, ways around it that aren't too hard to find." I managed to acquire Dell and IBM CDs; and learned what OEMs do to pre-activate
  • Wow, good thing come to those who desire it: https://archive.org/download/Corel_WordPerfect_Office_2000_OEM_-_Win95_ENG/WordPerfectOffice2000_Win95.iso https://archive.org/details/Corel_WordPerfect_Office_2000_OEM_-_Win95_ENG ==============…
  • In 1994 I purchased an AST Adventure, 25mhz i486, 4mb ram. After much trying I managed to install and run OS/2 warp on it. NT 3.51 didn't need more hardware than Warp (or Wind95). In August 1995 Wind95 upgrade was $99, same as NT 3.51 upgrade. MS…
  • @SomeGuy said: Nope. Not at all, Now that is annoying. I expect to use XP for another 10-15 years, and I only have Toshiba and HP factory CDs, but several Lenovo and Dell computers.
  • NT 3.51, the best thing MS ever had; even better than Warp because it was much friendlier to install and to use. It is a crying shame what MS did and did not do with it. NT 3.51 was released in April 1995, but I don't know where you had to go to …
  • @SomeGuy said: Has someone actually tried that lately? Yes, I have installed XP on Dell e6540 and activated it (last December, three times, because it took some modification and attempts to overcome the AHCI predicament) Over the years I…