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  • Actually in both cases making bootable image is trivial: you just embed your floppy image into larger CD or USB image. Use mkisofs -b option for that (other programs would surely support other options) and RMPrepUSB for USB. What's tricky - is to…
  • Both versions have dates in files themselves (you could see them with any hex editor - there are strings "Version 3.00. dated Mon 01/14/85" and "Version 3.00. dated Mon 01/21/85" in files. Also, image on WinWordPC is made with IBM PC DOS 2.0 thus…
  • Wow. ApPparently there are two diffierent versions. And they are kinda complimentary. There are version dated 1-21-1985 here and another version 3.0 dated 1-14-1985 on old-dos:…
  • Real/32 is, apparently really picky about emulators but works fine on real hardware and PCem. have the same images, but also includes DISKCOPY.COM to write them on floppy (needs real hardware and real floppies to work, though): http://…
    in Real/32 7.x Comment by khim November 23
  • File is NOT corrupt. It's just in MODE2/2352 format. You could use IAT ( to convert it into "normal" .iso format. I wonder, though, why it was ripped that way. Is it supposed to be copy protected or s…
  • Download page says "Adobe Photoshop 5.0 (ISO)" must have fc69b1beb3160fe8da521f63ef3a8d38a1ef8591094f2a68ba6f06f8a197fc5cfb0c51c8b73941414afa982056f2ac9c4575fd88b355a2f333dc2be480668df7 checksum - but in reality it's 0ed60c6084da7441c1a0194ebbbd7d…
  • Do you know if "Universal Unstall" shows the same problem or not: Contents looks identical, but there are proper ISO, at least.
  • Are you sure such things even exist? TSE SP5 was available in 4 forms: for i386 and alpha, standard and high enryption:…
  • Are you looking specifically for German version? Description on says it's multilanguage CD:
  • I know there were very cumbersome tools for doing that and they were for UNIX systems, not for PC. If have to realize that it wasn't till XXI century (sic!) till consumer DVD-R devices have become available. Before that videofiles had to be shipp…
  • is site similar to WinWorldPC but for Macs I'm sure they have lots of things you also have but doubt they have everything
  • You could find it here: Surprisingly enough it's not just an additional 8th disk, but some files on other disks are updated, too.
  • Multitasking works only with apps which use MS-DOS routines for I/O. Dbase II, WordStar 3.0, some other early programs. Anything that works on MS-DOS system, not on IBM PC system. You would find few programs like that released in early years (198…
  • Perhaps you could grab version from Files are byte-to-byte identical to what you have here, but they have proper .ISO file, not Archive
  • Sorry. Messaed up. Ami is here, too.
    in AmiPro 1.2 Comment by khim October 10