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  • The very first PC I had was a used Leading Edge Model M XT clone. My parents bought it from a print shop. I remember it had both Wordstar and WordPerfect installed, but the green screen CRT had the WordStar function key display burned into the scree…
  • We were still using MS Mail well into the late 2000s in a shipboard environment. It could be made to work with Windows XP and Office XP/2003 and although it was unsupported it worked quite well. Post office user lists worked with the Outlook Address…
  • I'm 35. First OS I had at home was plain DOS 5 on an XT clone, not long after that I had a 486 with DOS 6.22 and Win 3.1 - that was brand new install from the store. It was a display model and had been messed with, and as a young 10 year old I manag…
  • I work in the Marine industry and there are still a handful of widely used Windows 3.1 applications, which were written for very specific navigation planning tasks, perform them very well, and to this day really have no comparable replacement. Some…
  • Nice. Although you may not be able to directly join NT4 and NT3 domains, you may be able to establish domain trust between the two. That may be even more interesting. Can't guarantee that it will work but worth a shot.