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  • Yes, that's the 2006 Windows version I found and uploaded. I'm curious about the 2009 version you mention, if it can be found anywhere. And yeah, that's unfortunate. I tried finding a way to contact the owner but there was no working line of cont…
  • I PM'd you here, you should be able to see it now. Also if you want it publicly available, it would be advised to drop it on a filelocker (like MEGA or Google Drive) and post the link here. ~allison
  • All the period press releases and READMEs I found about it a while back mentioned that it was only released on anonymous ftp, so I'd reckon the tgz files are actually accurate to the software you're getting. (see for example…
  • Generally speaking, I get the impression WinWorld isn't meant to be an exhaustive archive, especially for free software or UNIX software. That being said, thanks for the link~
  • Uploaded everything to, as per your suggestions.
  • Gotcha, I'll throw them on then
  • Hmm? They all work in my browser, whether I'm signed in or not. That being said, if you need them posted somewhere else I might be able to oblige~
  • And BSD/OS 5.1 (fc+j =VEa +L7m is a working 64 user serial for this, also, with all versions of BSD/OS don't give it a virtual HDD greater then 4GB or so since it uses old UFS without extensions and addresses drives by cylinder count and other su…
  • To start off, BSD/OS 4.3 (when the installer asks for a serial, K8ix @Vix @Dnw (with the spaces) will do for 'unlimited' users) (note: the download password for all these files is 'bsdos', and the links will expire in 1 week) https://send.firef…
  • Yeah I'm aware of the uploads, but they aren't anywhere near complete. Anyway I had some computer trouble yesterday, so I'll redownload the whole bsd/os set and then start giving upload links here. (firefox send probably) (edit: alt…
  • @win32 said: Unfortunately they only sell the DOS version (and not the superior Windows 95 version) but EA is very protective of their intellectual property (going from personal experience) so I think that WinWorld shouldn't touch anything EA wit…
  • SimCity 2000 is still sold by EA on GOG, the rest I'm not sure about, but generally, this isn't a games website. If you're looking for games, search on GOG and if you can't find it there try any of the billion games abandonware websites that exist.
  • No media scans, although who sent me them might. I'll ask.