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  • @ec_ho said: I know it might sound crazy, but I thought they just removed screensavers in Windows 10. I didn't even realise windows 8 had them either... I haven't used a screensaver since Vista because it was getting redundant...
  • I found this site by having an obsession with OS's and Microsoft Office, and after hours of searching, I came by this site. Like you, I was worried about the danger of this site, so my first ever download was in a VM
  • I had a spare Xp disk lying around, so I decided to downgrade my windows 7 laptop. I still have Windows 10 on my PC, but XP works like an absolute charm on newer computers. And, with the right Antivirus and with Adblock, It shouldn't get viruses.
  • I used to use Firefox, and then once I heard about Chrome, I decided to give it a chance. I also use it because it's the only one that works with my custom windows 10 theme (I use Arc if you're interested)
  • I started with 95, and I have great memories. Whilst XP was out, we still opted for 95, as my dad was worried Microsoft office wouldn't work on XP. Then in 2002, my dad finally upgraded. that was also when my dad got me a second hand laptop with 98 …
  • Fun Fact, I only found out that there were other themes 3 years after I upgraded to vista...