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  • Does anyone know which one of them have the best sound (using the built-in speakers)?
    in PSP or DS Comment by Se[BBB]e May 2005
  • BOD wrote: Se[BBB]e wrote: 2. You can't read UMD discs with a computer and there are no burners designed for copying UMD. Lower piracy. That won't last for long :twisted:
    in PSP or DS Comment by Se[BBB]e May 2005
  • Mr. C wrote: btw, the "DVD"'s the PSP plays aren't actual DVD's , u gotta buy them only for the PSP The UMDs are actually small DVDs. True, it isn't real DVD, but the technique behind is DVD. And the quality is very high too. They probably ch…
    in PSP or DS Comment by Se[BBB]e May 2005
  • Tomchu wrote: I saw a DS being sold at a flea market. Didn't the just come out? LMAO Of course there's people who like DS and people who don't. I'm sure there's some PSPs for sale too.
    in PSP or DS Comment by Se[BBB]e May 2005
  • nightice wrote: I'd say the DS. Nintendo has had a history of excellent handheld gaming. Not to mention that the games can be more interactive than the PSP. Yeah, and maybe you can experience things with the DS you can't on a stationary conso…
    in PSP or DS Comment by Se[BBB]e April 2005
  • I have two WD HDDs. One internal 120gb and one external 250gb. Both work great. The internal one is 2 years old but I've never had any problems with it. And yeah, my computer is on for like 12 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • My oldest... PC: IBM PS/2 model 30-286, 30mb hdd, 1mb RAM (1987) MAC: Macintosh LC 16 MHz (1990) OTHER: Amstrad PCW 8256 (256 KB RAM!!!), 3" (!) floppy drive (1985)
  • I finally got I working! I looked a lot on the net before I posted, but now I found a site with troubleshooting instructions. On a site, there was a picture of some sort of strange reset button or something inside the computer. I opened the case, pr…