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  • A dirty disk is a dirty disk, kryoflux won’t fix that. When using the format guided dumps it does do retries on bad sectors, which might help, but other software can do this too. If you do the regular stream copy, it will probably be worse with a di…
  • Most people that have bad opinions of 64bit vs 32bit performance are basing that on experiences from when 64bit X86 first came out. Those comparisons usually had all kinds of things wrong with them. First of all, lots of people first experienced 64b…
  • I’m assuming, and I might be wrong, that there is replication that will happen eventually. I’m guessing the admin just uploads the file to one site, maybe whichever is faster for him, and so that’s where it shows up first.
  • The CD will make a boot disk. Some OSR2 disks didn’t even come with a floppy, but instead came with a label for the one that you made.
  • Also 64bit adds twice the number of registers and the registers are 64bit, so if you aren’t exceeding the limits of the system resources (using too much RAM, etc) then the 64bit code should run faster than similar 32bit code, even if you aren’t usin…
  • You cannot just copy the img file to a disk. You have to use a program that writes the img to the disk, such as winimage. Did you use fdisk, from the dos floppy, to create the partition? Some of those partitions in the screen shot look like fat3…
  • There is no need to get upset. 7zip is for compression, so I assume the files are stored here that way so that they are smaller and so that you only download one file. You need to extract the img files with 7zip and then use winimage to write the im…
  • You’re having trouble, because that method isn’t a quite right. 7zip will copy the files, but you need to make a bootable disk, and sometimes some program care about the internal disk label, etc. So you should use something like winimage instead.
  • Trixter has been looking for overhead express
  • Makes sure you enable TLS in tools, internet settings, advanced. Also don’t attempt to use Microsoft update until after you’ve installs all of the windows update using windows update. There is something it doesn’t like about a fresh install of windo…
  • I recently picked up a copy of 4.01C new in the box, but of course I had to open it and image the disks and start scanning the manual.
  • I’m afraid I’ve derailed this a little by talking about drives I think the most important thing is testing it on a real Mac, if you have one.
  • That's because there wasn't a retail MS-DOS until version 5. There were Microsoft boxed versions of 3.3 and 4.0, but even those says that it's for distribution with a new PC.
  • I was using a Sony and Samsung when I had issues. The drive that worked well for me was a Mitsumi. Those were the only drives I've got that aren't in computers right now.
  • So I used a 3rd drive, and I got green boxes everywhere. So I'm guessing that's the drive I'm using for 400K/800K mac floppies from now on.
  • Just out of curiosity, how do you determine that the bad sectors are intentional? I'm new to all of this stuff. I was just trying to image an old school mac floppy, and I came across some bad sectors. I thought it might have been a dirty disk …
  • I really want a wyse wy-700 or amdek 1280 (same thing). There was a monitor on eBay about a year ago, but it was listed as not working, I assume because they didn’t have the matching video card to make it work. There are two video cards listed right…
  • Do you have a photo or scan of the floppy label? I know I like when those are added to the archives on this site. It makes it feel more "complete" in my opinion.
  • @BF10 said: Build 1946 MD5 checksum: 5DA0C55C8CC27626702DE603410FA0C7 TCB (The Collection Book) build 2031 MD5 checksum: 558FC4A08974ECD99443937D28A031FE WinWorld build 2031 MD5 checksum: 1701AB055E1B47E46B9F0973AC10C6F5 Yep, definit…
  • I grabbed a good size pile of software from there. Not a whole lot that wasn't already archived somewhere, but some. Also a lot of it was NIB or at least in the original box, so I've been trying to archive the manuals too.
  • Looks like one of those Mouse driver disks is here, but not both. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/372391737827
  • @win32 said: As for "Microsoft Application Center", what was that supposed to be? Can't find much on it other than it was something hosted by dedicated win2k/2k3 servers. At first it sounded like a package manager to me. It was kind of a …
  • @ibmpc5150 I’ve got 4.2 also. I just lucked into these disks. I bought a pile of old C64 stuff and there was a huge box of floppies. When I started going through them I was excited to find stuff I could use on my 5170 too
  • https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=SP1 XP
  • I've sent you a message. The files I have for the corrupt disk you've got seem to have the date you are looking for, but some of the other floppies in the set, notably the printer disks, are a little newer.
  • http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=SP3 XP
  • Are you still looking for this? I don't have this on 720k floppies, but I have a copy of 5.0 on 360k floppies with the same time and date on those files.