[OFFER] Windows 95B OSR2.1 (Spanish) [Legitimate ISO]

There already is a Windows 95 OSR2.1 Release on WinWorld right here, but it isn't a legit copy as there are some modified files dating from 2004-2010 (or older). I found a legit ISO copy of Win95B OSR2.1 in Spanish, so I decided to share it to you guys!

Download link: https://mega.nz/file/BB1WWZ7L#dPmeToI0XCJINw8xaw2n4QNaYcJ4MMDqWmqnG4wApaw



  • Hello, thank you very much for this ISO. This was my first pre-installed Windows 24 years ago. My question is if it really is OSR2.1 or OSR2. It is exactly identical to mine, with the exception of the WINBOOT.SYS file, which in my case is dated August 24, 1996.

    My doubt, it is because from command / VER, it shows as 4.00.1111. In case of being OSR2.1 it should not appear as 4.03.1212 ??? . It is my doubt. Greetings and thanks.
  • OSR2 and OSR2.1 CD-ROMS are exactly the same except for the /OTHER/USB/ update folder. Because the update is minor, once applied it does not change what Windows 95 visibly reports itself as.
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    Let me explain, RTM, OSR 1 And OSR 2 was released earlier and WINBOOT.SYS Was remade so that it can work for OSR 2.1 so that prob explains...
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