Windows 98 SE Upgrade

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I've added Windows 98 SE Upgrade to the main download server, thanks to Q.

I may or may not be removing the Windows Me downloads in the near future, since it's questionable if they should be there.


  • Hmm, how about if I exchange you some missing Chicago builds and the NT Terminal Server 4 betas for ME?

  • Windows ME isn't supported as far as I know, it should be abandonware.
  • Q: Anything abandonware is great to have on there.

    Alex: Regardless of whether it's supported, Me still feels too new to be on WinWorld. I think the time for Me will be the same as 2000, which won't be for quite some time.
  • OK. Right now Thump is getting something off of me and I don't want to clog my connexion up even worse. When he says he's got it and it's working I'll remove it and add the promised ABWs and you can download them.

  • Thump's finished Q and thanks but I'd like to ask Jordan,
    How long has Windows ME been on there? It's probably
    not much needed for an abandonware site but it seemed
    like you have had it on for a few years now.
    It was mostly considered a mistake for MS to put ME out
    for sale to start with and it only sold for about a year or
    so. It's certainly going to be a rare collectors item but I
    don't know when you would consider it abandonware.
    I believe that MS did abandon ME in 2001 and haven't
    sold it since and never intended to.
    That's just my thoughts and I don't care which ever way
    you decide. Please err on the side of your safety.

  • Thump's right, extended support I believe ended in 02, maybe even 01.
  • I've dumped the huge ABW directory on there along with all the old WinWorld stuff so you can get what's not there now.

  • In my opinion, ME is trash. So no loss. XD

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