Remote links to avatars is disabled...

edited June 2004 in News & Announcements
...Too much "it was only a few pixels too big" stuff. Linking let you around PHPBB's 140x140 limit, so Ive disabled hotlinking. Uploading TO the server is still allowed, so avatars still work fine. But now the server checks the size before it allows it. Once the new version that CHECKS the size on remote links comes out, remote links will be allowed. Untill then, upload your avatar.


  • Cool. It's really just as easy to upload.
  • Yeah, but people would see that, then just hotlink to get around the max size using a bug in PHPBB.... then claim its only a few pixels too big, so Ive totally disabled hotlinking.
  • Yeah, right, hope there'll be less scandals...

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