Request: Mac Performa Restore CD (6360/6400, OS 7.5.3)



  • Speaking of virtualizing inception... recently, for the lulz, I ran Proxmox inside of an ESXi VM. I then created a Windows 7 VM inside Proxmox. I didn't keep track of it exactly, but I swear it must have taken two hours to install Windows and using it was pretty much impossible. Click the start button and you'd pretty much have time to pop down to the corner coffee shop, grab a cup of coffee, maybe read the morning paper and then take a leisurely walk back before the damn start menu would actually appear. By then, you've forgotten why you clicked on the start button in the first place.
  • stitch wrote:
    anabate wrote:

    I was emulating a PPC machine callled SheepShaver, and the version of SheepShaver is the May 5, 2010 revision.

    Inside Virtual PC 2007. You are a silly, silly, silly boy.

  • +1 for best post ever.
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