Windows NT 3.51

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hey y'all... i'm thinkin' of installing NT 3.51 to play with... anything i should look out for, or do before i install, any helps apreciated 8)


  • It's considerd the most stable NT flav ever (I don't know). Be sure to get the Service Pack 5.

    If you want, you can get NewSheel and turn the most stable Progman NT into the least stable Explorer NT!

  • sweet, thanx Q, i'll research that in the morning... as for tonight i think i'm gonna grab some sleep before i take a test tommorow (Computer Upgrade and Repair 2... shouldn't be too difficult... but still)
  • OK, WinWorld has SP5 and NewShell 2.

  • From what i've seen Win2k seems to be more stable then NT 3.51
  • Q wrote:
    (I don't know)






    PS. I've been informed of that.
  • I'm about a month late with this, but I have some NT 3.51 info here if you're interested:
  • Just sidenote. PPL say NS 4.X runs on it.. There is some DLL it bitchs about, just copy it from Windows NT4 and itll work FINE.

    But you gotta be carefull about DLL's. If the DLL is not available for a certain OS, then using another one is just a last resort. Like me,I could not find it for NT 3.51.
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