(OFFER) Mainboard Setup utility

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This also includes sound blaster 128 drivers and applications,Award system bios flash utility and airbag 2000 which contains Norten Antivirus,Appio,X-Stop,ActivShare and acrobat reader 4.0 is it worth uploading?
(EDIT) This flash utility is for the pentuim 1-3


  • Thanks, now I only need BIOS update ROM and drivers for decent abit mobo but not oem-crapware addons...

    IMO, hardware specific cds doesn't qualify unless something special inside. Also you don't tell what motherboard you have, as device-dependent things are worthless in library.
  • It has been uploaded
  • There is no reason we need to carry this. You haven't even bothered to note what board this goes to.
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    Just to clarify this is for Pentium 1-3 based motherboards
  • That's still not really much to work with.

    Regardless, we don't need it.
  • The CD Says VIA Series ANN 0.1
  • Yeah we really don't need this crap
  • Fine!!! stitch i will upload it elsewhere! :twisted:
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