[Offer] Full Windows 95 version 4.00.950 r-2 CD-ROM image

edited February 2016 in Offers & Requests
I've found this CD around, at first I assumed it was the RTM version until I started poking. All files on the disc are dated 1995-06-30 09:50 (versus 1995-07-11 09:50 in RTM), and I believe the only files actually differing are in the \WIN95 directory.

I don't really know what changed in the two weeks to RTM, a few files like WRITE.EXE have different hashes. Service Pack 1 still installs (giving 95A), but I don't know if that misses anything that changed only between these two builds.

Is anyone interested in the full disc? It is an upgrade version, so the easiest way to install it is just to have Windows 3.1 install floppy (image) available at setup time.


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