[OFFER] 98lite - several versions

I recently gained several versions of 98lite, including a "b3" version, off a forum post on another forum.

I'm gonna upload them later today.


  • ok they are uploaded
  • Well, I hope you to keep the thread's rule in the next time.


    This thread is for talking about Software mainly.
  • sorry i didn't realize :/
  • Oops, didn't notice this was in the wrong forum earlier. No biggie. Moved to offers and requests.

    Not really sure what to do with 98lite as the early versions were basically shareware.
  • The site's up, and they appear to sell it, but I'm not sure if the site is just a zombie standing or not.
  • Someone needs to try and go through and buy 98lite...
  • zm3Dv9V.png

    Well, it goes to a PayPal login screen so I assume they're still selling it. I would support archiving it anyway, but this probably breaks WinWorld's rules.
  • As far as I know, this site is still active for purchases. I bought 98lite Pro from this site several years ago and at that time, I received a login password for support and downloading. As I read this thread, I logged in to the site and was still able to download my purchase.

    Incidently, they also sell WinXPlite and 2000lite.
  • Keep in mind that a large part of the market for 98Lite and similar was for embedded systems. And embedded systems often aren't the sort of thing that gets thrown away a year later, so he might still be brining in some money from support contracts.
  • true
    But the last news was on September 5th, 2008.
  • if i understand WinWorld's rules correctly, if it's still sold or supported, the answer is no
  • Ok, looking back at my notes, 98Lite 1.x was shareware. 2.x diverged in to a "free" and a paid "professional" version. Not positive about the later versions, but it looks like it continued on that way.

    Since the shareware/free versions can be, and probably are mirrored freely elsewhere, we don't need them here.

    Since the early "Professional" versions do mostly the same thing as the later versions and it looks like the software is still for sale/supported, I'm going go ahead and say "no" for that.

    And as for betas, I can tell you there was never anything interesting in those. Real betas are not like Microsoft where they tease people with new features and then yank them. Its more like, "fixed that, fixed that, fixed that, that's still broke, found a new bug..." etc.
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