Could you translate the page?

Could you translate the page? I'd like to help translating the page, or someone could do it :D . But please could you answer me? I'd really like to know if this site could be avaible in another languages without Google translate or so. :|


  • This would require a lot of functionality currently not present in the site code.
  • But technicaly, if the site code would count with such funcionality, Would you translate the site?
  • No.

    Nobody here has time or motivation for that. Besides, this is an American site. Only US English is spoken here.
  • I'm also non-English user.

    The best way is to use Google translate or several translate site.

    I don't think WinWorld accept to support translate function of multi-Language.

    It seems not to be issue.
  • SomeGuy wrote:
    Only US English is spoken here. Learn it or leave.
    I thought it was British English, because that's what I see under the Language bit in Board Preferences.

    Well, nothing else for me to say here other than just put up with what's there, whether you like it or not. No one is going to waste his time hours providing a translated version to whatever language you speak. The same with other forums out there. It is an English-language forum after all, so why change that now?
  • The 'British English" stems from phpBB and it's default language pack being a british dialect since the majority of their core developers are in the UK.

    We speak English on WinWorld. US, British, Australian, whatever, as long as you can speak enough English to get the point across and sound reasonably professional, then you're fine and welcome here.

    I am not inherently opposed to native translation. The issue with translation is that it will take a lot of coding efforts on my end to be able to support this. This would entail:

    * Detecting when a connection is from a non-English country and adopt a language for them (or depending on a user selection).
    * Re-structuring the database to hold additional descriptions for products/releases on the library in foreign languages.
    * Re-structuring the presentation code to work with a different language and providing a fall back for when content hasn't been translated.
    * Revise the session handling code and user handling code (class files in a framework) to deal with multiple languages.
    * Provide a UI for the articles that are untranslated in a certain language so that they can be handled.

    And this is the most important bit: we will need trusted community members to be able to handle the translations. If I was venturing into translations the first I would probably approach is Spanish, as I know ibmpc5150 already provides a substantial amount of contributed content to the site, and now that I live in Southern California it would be a really good language for me to start learning.

    But that's a rare instance, for each language it would require at least one trusted community member to step up to the plate and assist with the effort. I need to know that my site is not providing outright bullshit in a language I don't even know. If this functionality ever came it would require VIP status in order to help out with.

    Either way, it's not on my immediate roadmap to start making any of the technical changes to support this.
  • Let me know if you ever need an English-Spanish tranlator. I'd be glad to help.
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