Threat Blocked Warnings

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When attempting to view various parts of WinWorld, I am recieving
"THREAT BLOCKED" warnings from Avast.
The Screen then shows "Secure Connection Failed" on Firefox.
It does not always happed at the same place.
Just now, I got the warning trying to access the Library Screen.
I can access Home and Community ok.
This happens on both my WinXP and Win7 PCs.

Is anyone else getting this strange behavior??


  • I don't use Avast. You will need to supply more information on why it believes it's a threat.
  • The only thing I can add is that Avast said the Threat was "HTML:Script-inf on Firefox".

    However, the threat warnings are no longer occurring,
    I guess it was just a glitch. Next time, I will wait longer before posting.

    Thanks for your response.
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