[REQUEST] Old Wild tanget game

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Ok so if anybody remembers buying a new computer back in 2003, you remember wild tangent games being on there, well there was this one game that i really loved so much, but since i was limited to tokens, i factory reset the computer every two times i played it, but the game was a matching game, it was about cubes, there was a 1, 2 version of the game, i really wish i could remember it, you also had to get the most of one color cube connected together. somebody please help me in finding that game!


  • That sounds like a clone of Same Game, and when you mentioned "a 1, 2 version of the game", it sounds like that original version.

    (Actually, it could also have been a clone of Bejewelled, of which WildTangent has offered multiple games in the style of that)
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