Looking For Forgotten Childhood Game

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I may be a bit young so when I say childhood game I'm not talking about something I played on my first commodore 64 back in 1986. No, I was hardly able to walk during the release of Windows 2000. But I remember my uncle who worked at Boeing and he played video games on this big CRT, I would often sneak on there when I was 7 around 2005, and play some RTS games. This is where I need your help, I spent countless hours while he was at work playing this one War RTS game and I have no clue what it was called! I am into CS and Online Gaming as well as playing older games on my virtual machines... It would be awesome to find the name of this game, as I bet some of you may have also played it and loved it!

Here is what I remember, about it
- the game was constantly talking about it was a LAND, SEA, and AIR game.
-It would allow you to build fortifications and move troops around by telling them where to go.
-You could load troops into transport trucks and Heli's, (It would even allow you to drop them in the water to drown, oh God was I a demented kid.)
-You would be fighting other Forces and they would have fortifications hidden in dark areas of the map
-You would have to discover areas by sending troop and searching, similar to AoE.

Have you played this game? Does it sound familiar to you! Cheers and thanks!!!!

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