[REQUEST] Microprose F-117 Stealth Fighter 2.0 EGA version

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I collect MicroProse software and I am looking for the elusive EGA version of this excellent oldschool sim. Been asking around different places without any luck. Surely someone must have this one on their hard drive? Think the game version number is 1473.01.

I would be very thankful for any help! It seem to be more stealthy than the plane itself. :shock:



  • I remember that on the first REAL PC that I've owned way back in 1992 or so. With this, I know I've had the VGA version (or so I think). Although trying to find a legit copy of this for a vintage PC I got off of eBay to relive those memories without breaking the bank, could be a challenge. I'll certainly look for the both of us. Although I doubt that a 486 or Pentium would make this game playable...might have to disable the cache to make the speed of the CPU good for this game, possibly. We'll have to look into that.

    EDIT: Well, I found a copy on eBay that seems to be sold in Canada (from Quebec, no less, better hope it's an English version, and not a French one). Let's hope this would be the version that at least one of us is looking for:
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/F-117A-Stealth- ... Swt5hYhtzV
  • The game plays fine and right both on a 486, and on a pentium laptop running dos 6.22. Trust me, I have this setup. No need to mess with cache or anything. I have the latest VGA version of F-117A which came on MicroProse's "Land, Sea, Air & The World" compilation CD, along with Civ1, Railroad Tycoon, and Silent Service II. I can send you the iso if you want. It's like 5-6 megabytes. :D

    The ebay auction you linked to is the VGA version.
  • Thanks ibmpc5150, that's a nice pack of software in that auction! And that seems to be the version I want. But I don't have a 5.25 inch floppy drive.. :(
  • I think it is very hard to get this version.
    The best way to to buy it if you want this version.
  • andreas86 wrote:
    But I don't have a 5.25 inch floppy drive.. :(
    Buy one. Better yet, buy a dozen! :)
  • I bought this package a few years ago as sealed package.
    I knew the package includes 5.25" 2HD media as VGA version.

    But I was very supprised and excited that it is 5.25" 2D media and EGA version.
    It's another lucky.
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