[REQUEST] CorelDRAW! 6 or 7, but in English

Hello everyone,
hope this is not too early, because this is my first post. I have been a fan of the CorelDRAW! vector drawing package ever since my first computer with Windows 98 Second Edition and DRAW! 7. I had the original disc, along with the picture and clipart disc, however, those discs have since been scratched beyond useful state. And it would be great if someone had a 32-bit version of the package to share here on WinWorld that is in English.
I know there is CorelDRAW! 6, but that version is in German (and I don't understand nor do I like German), and I only downloaded that version because it had clipart which I use on my modern machine with CorelDRAW! 12. I have tried installing 12 on Win98, but it wants at least 2000, with no support for Millenium (go figure.) Also, 16-bit versions, which are present on WinWorld are out of the question, because I've had nothing but bad luck with them on Windows 98, and on Windows 3.1, for that matter.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    I have two possible versions to contribute to WinWorld, both English.
    • 6.00.112 - 32 bit - 444MB.
    • 7.467 Select Edition - 32 bit - 177MB.

    Draw 6 isn't from a physical disc I possess, however 7 Select Edition is.

    I haven't attempted to upload either one to the library because they will take quite a while to upload. However if it is of interest, I will do so.

  • The full CD versions of CorelDRAW! 6.0 and 7.0 are hard to find, even on eBay, so please upload them if you can.

    The Corel Office Professional 7 office suite includes the CorelDRAW! 6.0 drawing app, but not the other apps (PHOTO-PAINT, etc.).
  • I may have some old version. I will check the version and upload if not yet on library.
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