Acrobat Standard 2.0 is incomplete

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The ATM disks are missing, and Acrobat requires them. While you can install ATM 3 separately, this can be confusing, as it has a marginally newer version than what's on the site.


  • I guess, Acrobat Standard 2.0 seems not to include Adobe Type Manager disk.

    You can download and install the following

    Adobe Type Manager 3.0 ... 54D21A8599

    I added the screenshot.


    I don't think Acrobat Standard 2.0 is incomplete.
    I guess ATM disk is optional.

    For example : Accolade's Hardball (1987) -- USA release with 5.25" media.

    Package 1 type : Disk 1 only (CGA), Disk 2 (EGA) , Disk 3 (Tandy) are optional by coupon.
    Package 2 type : Disk 1 and Disk 2 are included, Disk 3 are optional by coupon.

    In this case, Hardball asks video mode. But it requests disk 3 if Tandy graphic is selected.
  • I just went through this with Acrobat 2.1 for Macintosh.

    This applies to 2.1 - dunno if it's the same for 2.0 , because Adobe was changing packaging fast & furious as their technology took off:
    The following is gleaned directly from Adobes' own Acrobat fact sheet - circa August 23, 1995. It's the same for both Win and MAC editions.

    The product came in 3 flavors: Exchange, Acrobat Pro, and Acrobat for Workgroups.

    Exchange: "Includes Acrobat Reader software; Acrobat Exchange, Acrobat PDF Writer driver; Adobe Type Manager
    software; multiple master technology for font substitution; 14 Adobe Type 1 fonts; printed and on-line user
    guides and Acrobat CD Sampler.".

    Acrobat Pro: "Includes everything in Adobe Acrobat Exchange plus Acrobat Distiller."

    Acrobat for Workgroups: "Includes a 10-user license for everything in the Acrobat Exchange 2.1 package and includes one license each
    for Acrobat Distiller software and Acrobat Catalog software."

    Adding to the confusion, Adobe offered "Adobe Search For CD-ROMs" separately, and 3 flavors of Acrobat reader.

    !. Standard Reader. 2disks
    2. Reader with CD-ROM search. 3 disks
    3. Reader with search AND Quicktime. 4 disks
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