USRobotics Sportser Model 0460 without jumpers

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So, the modem the seller gave me to try, unfortunately doesn't have jumpers.

But I am wanting to try using it without jumpers, I'm just having trouble figuring out what the port, IRQ, and interrupt would be if there were no jumpers added.

Google search doesn't seem to be turning anything up.


  • According to one source:
    On, On, On: Com 1
    Off, On, On: Com 2
    On, Off, On: Com 3
    Off, Off, On: Com 4
    Off, Off, Off: Plug and Play mode

    You generally don't want to use PNP mode, but you will need to make sure it doesn't conflict with existing com ports.

    A 486 may not have Plug and Play support in the BIOS.
  • yeah, I cannot seem to find that in my BIOS, also I only have one serial port, so I thought that if I disabled COM2, the modem might work, but when I did that, it didn't detect the mouse, so I do not know what is using COM1, because when I use terminal with COM1 and move my mouse, it prints ascii chars on screen.
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