Is the Direct 3D software any great on a Pentium II machine?

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I was wondering about how the a Pentium II can make Direct3D software rendering on Windows 95 any great.
Well according on the link I found here it say's that "software designed for Intel’s MMX technology unleashes the full multimedia capabilities of these processors including full-screen, full-motion video, enhanced color, and realistic graphics." I was wondering if it can make like games like hover and Lego Creator on software mode any fast.

Information found here.

I did try Lego creator on a Windows 95 VM on Virtual PC and the Virtual PC emulates a Pentium II and it ran pretty good on software mode . (It might have been the same with Vmware and Virtual Box but for DOSbox and PCem that will have to wait.)

Here is what Windows Virtual PC emulates.
Intel Pentium II (32-bit) processor (but virtualizes the host processor on Windows versions) with an Intel 440BX chipset.
Standard SVGA VESA graphics card (S3 Trio 32 PCI with 4 MB video RAM, adjustable in later versions up to 16 MB by manually editing a virtual machine's settings file).
System BIOS from American Megatrends (AMI).
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 ISA PnP. (When Windows Vista is installed as both the host (main) and guest (virtual) operating systems, settings are synchronized with the host and audio configuration is not required.)
DEC 21041 (DEC 21140 in newer versions) Ethernet network card.


  • Virtual PC doesn't support 3D very well, so my suggestion is to use VMware or Virtual Box if your trying to use virtual machines to play games as they support 3D properly
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