[REQUEST] Windows 2000 for PC-98 (disc 2)

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Windows 2000 in Japanese came with a second CD containing the bootloader, HAL, and kernel for PC-98 systems. The problem is that people seem to forget archiving this disc when archiving Japanese Windows 2000.


  • Which edition do you want?

    The followinf edition of Windows 2000 for PC-98 systems exist.

    Windows 2000 Professional (Retail Full / Retail Upgrade / OEM / Select)
    Windows 2000 Server (Retail Full / Retail Upgrade / OEM / Select)
    (*Windows 2000 Advanced Server doesn't support PC-98 systems.)

    Also I wonder you want it with non Service Pack or Service Pack ?
  • Yes. All of it.
  • I've uploaded the following on ftp.

    *Windows 2000 Professional (PC-98) [Japanese].zip
    --> Retail full version without SP (Volume : W2PFPP_JA)
    Attached content : 1 CD Image (ISO)

    *Windows 2000 Server (PC-98) [Japanese].zip
    --> Retail full version without SP (Volume : W2SFPP_JA)
    Attached content : 1 CD Image (ISO)

    They're for NEC PC-9821 series.

    P.S There is wrong file name on the following url.

    https://winworldpc.com/download/3FC6BA5 ... 54D21A8599

    Windows 2000 Professional (with SP1) [Japanese]
    --> This is wrong, no SP is adapted. So file name should be renamed as follows.

    "Windows 2000 Professional [Japanese]"

    This is retail full version.
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