Need a scan of generic GameStop cover arts

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Oh hi guys i'm Humberto! Can you scan and upload generic GameStop covers that looks like in this picture for Xbox 360 on Imgur? The back of the generic GameStop covers would say, "Pros Get More! Much More!" and this is what the GameStop generic cover art look like in this picture shown below, you must scan and upload a generic GameStop cover art look like in this picture shown below on Imgur, and i need these scans of generic GameStop covers for my collection of cover arts in PNG and JPEG in my hard drive. fn5kbfmpx06z.png


  • Hey, I think you would have much better luck on reddit with a request like that. Such as these sub forums may be able to assist you, and have a tad bit more effort in doing it for you... Picture Requests and Photoshop Request..

    FYI, (I may be speaking out of my own judgment) we don't do these types of requests... So the above should help you in your quest.
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