Dell Inspiron 2650 needs OS

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I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 that needs an OS, but 2 reasons why I can't:
1. I can't make it boot from CD
2. I don't know where to buy a legal copy of Windows XP
Can anyone help me with this?


  • 1: Make sure the CD is set as a boot device and set to boot before the hard drive in your BIOS.
    2: ... acat=58058
  • Windows XP is highly insecure. You'd be better off with one of the POSReady versions of XP instead.

    And a note to anyone who doesn't know the policy yet: WinWorld will NOT offer Windows XP. So don't request it. (Admins: If you want to remove this notice from my post feel free to do so.)
  • The internet is insecure. Going outside is insecure. Just thinking about a web page might give your entire family a virus!

    BTW, the last time I checked you can apply the Posready updates to plain Windows XP.
  • Having the latest patches to solve known vulnerabilities helps a lot.
  • If you're going to apply the POSReady updates, do the POSReady Registry Hack first, then connect to the internet and Windows Update. Before that, do not connect the machine to the internet-- you don't want to invite viruses.
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