LGR's Latest Video "Restroing an IBM Thinkpad 380XD"

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One of the YouTube channels related to his community that I enjoy is LGR. I would assume a large portion of the vintage community is aware of this channel.

Earlier today, he uploaded the above video. I was pleased to see it, and when I returned from running errands, I sat down and had a nice watch.

I also happen to own the very same model of Thinkpad.

When I bought mine, I found it on Kijiji (for those of you who don't know what it is, it is similar to craigslist but in Canada only it seems).

I found a guy from a town not more than 20 minutes from me selling one of these, and after some arrangements he came to my home and demonstrated it, it worked, so I bought it.

He was an older gentlemen, white hair, etc (I'm 22). He was a little worried about the data considering he had pictures of his kids and stuff on it. I assured him the data would be gone, because it was running Windows 98, so I was going to format it, and install a fresh copy of Windows 95, which I did.

While watching LGR's video, I saw that he managed to get his hands on the OEM information, so I left him this comment:
It was entertaining to watch for sure!

I have this same laptop!

Do you know where to get the OEM information from?

Could you please upload it somewhere or something?

I am hoping he either responds, or someone else knows where to get it from.



  • I was meaning to watch that video (I have subscribed to LGR on YouTube), but never got to it. I will look at it soon™...
  • I use to have that same exact laptop as well, ended up selling for something else..... I found and bought a windows 98 laptop new in the box , I love the thing since it can run regular DOS, windows 3.1 to windows 98 and probably ME to XP. and even though the battery is like 18 years old, it still holds a charge , it lasts about half of the original capacity.
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