HDD Problems?

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My Windows 10 system recently started making loud noises for no apparent reason. I check crystal disk info, and I have an uncorrectable sector count of 97. What should I do?


  • Grab SpeedFan and have it do an online SMART analysis. Back up all valuable data, particularly if SMART has tripped, the drive could be on its last legs.

  • For something more extensive i would recommend Seagate Seatools. You can do various different tests there.

  • Yeah, your HDD is probably dying.
    Back up your data, clone the HDD, and be on your way.
    Try an SDD next time, for good measure.

  • First thing: stop booting off of it. If you think your drive is going down, the best is send it loads of io?

    The loud noises are likely the drives error correction reseeking dead sectors over and over to get enough to assemble some data. Which could result in enhanced mechanical wear.

    Back up the most important info before making a drive clone, just in case shtf while it runs.

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    Well, the drive isn't making those noises anymore, so should I rest in peace, or should I still replace it?

  • The latter would be safer.
    Just get a new HDD (As I said SDD would be better...)
    And do backups to it every month (after the initial clone).
    HDDs are surprisingly un-reliable.
    They are really cheap though , so I keep 2 extras..

  • Even though the drive stopped making noise, it could still be deteriorating. Get a new drive; it's your safest option. (And, if you feel like it, get an SSD. You will thank yourself in the future.)
  • I think the drive died.

  • It's still alive (Windows 10 keeps crashing, but I'm on an insider build, so that may be why).

  • You had doubts about the integrity of your drive. Now that the warning signs have passed and you think everything is all right.

    Next thing we know, a post by whistler2250 titled "how to recover data from a dead drive" rolls out.


    Back up your data at least.
  • I have Windows 10 that was on a 150GB partition on my 1TB HDD, cloned/moved the partitions to a 480GB SSD (OS drive and System Reserved), and it runs faster, yet 4GB RAM isn't enough for the 64-bit OS.

  • @yourepicfailure said:
    Next thing we know, a post by whistler2250 titled "how to recover data from a dead drive" rolls out.


    whistler2250: Don't come crying to us if your hard drive dies and you have lost all your data. All we will do is shrug our shoulders and say "Well, you should have listened to us. Sorry about that. :/ "

    Please please please back up your data. You will thank yourself many times over when the hard drive does finally die.

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