Tandy 1000 SX FDD

Hello! I just recently got an old Tandy 1000 SX and everything appears to work quite nicely. It comes with a 5¼-inch floppy drive, and I was wondering if I could put it in a "newer" computer that could at least run WinImage so I could properly dump 5¼-inch disks. If that won't work out, is there any program for DOS that could make a good dump of the disks?


  • Image Dumping tools for DOS : DCOPY / Teledisk / ImageDisk

  • Would the dumps be accurate enough to upload to win world?

  • If you're willing to spend some money, you could buy a Kyroflux or something. That would provide you with accurate raw disk dumps.

    @silasqwerty1 said:
    Would the dumps be accurate enough to upload to win world?

    As long as the dumping program or computer you're using doesn't inadvertently write to the disk during the dump, yes. You should be fine.

    If I remember right, there was something you could do to the notch on either side of the 5.25" disk to write protect it. If you search the 8-bit Guy's channel on YouTube, you should find a video detailing the process.

    Also-- what disks are you trying to dump? Games? Software?

  • I was thinking of starting with the system disks of the Tandy, and then seeing what else I might find. A kryoflux is a bit too expensive for me at the moment, but thank you for the suggestion!

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