hp mini 100e help

I have a hp mini 100e and i trying to install windows xp on it but it can't find the hard drive. This model came with windows xp or windows 7 starter. For some reason it does load a sata driver for the hard drive controller. I did have windows 7 starter but it ran so slow with it. It has a atom cpu running at 1.6ghz single core with 2gb of memory. I want to use it just tinker with so i figure i put windows xp on it to speed it up. I can't figure out how to get it to install. I search the web and download sata driver for windows xp and tried them put i get the same message it can't find a hard drive. I can use hirens 15 cd and use windows xp off of there just find and it see the hard drive. So i format it and scan it for errors. I even got sata drivers from intel that fits on a floppy disk with the chipsets and i install the drive by hitting F6 at windows xp setup and still same boat or i get a blue screen saying computer halted to prevent damage. So if anybody got any idea that would be great. Thanks for the help.


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    There may not be compatible drivers for XP that work without hassle. I'd look into Linux Mint. It works good on my Atom netbook, even from a USB 2.0 flash drive.

  • I got windows xp to install. My friend gave me a copy of his and it came with service pack 3 and few extra driver. Thanks for the help.

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