Toshiba L455 Won't Boot

I've been leaning computer repair stuff under my dad, and he just gave me a Toshiba Satellite L455 to fix. The owner said that o e day they turned it on to find the BIOS saying something like

System BIOS Shadowed
Video 1 1

Then another time it said

System CMOS Checksum Bad

And lastly

Default Configuration Used

Now the laptop refuses to boot. The hard drive is fine, and some messing about led to me realizing that the laptop behaves the same way whether or not there's any RAM in it. When I plug it in, the CD drive light stays solid and when I press the power button the fan whirs for half a second and then the machine becomes unrsponsive.

I've tried the hard reset method where you cut off all power and hold the power button for 30 seconds then try booting it again, with the same result.

Is this system fried? Could the motherboard be screwed?

I'm worried I'll be unable to fix this machine for the customer.


  • Sounds like the CMOS battery died, first of all. I'd replace that first, and work my way from there.

  • To me, it sounds like a bad CMOS battery. Also, check the caps to make sure they didn't spew as well.

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