Need help figuring out correct CHS values for virtual hard drive for grub4dos

I need help figuring out the true CHS values for a hard drive image because grub4dos is picky about the true CHS values. If the CHS values it calculates is different than what is in the partition table, it gives you a warning when grub4dos boots the image. Apparently when most virtual disks are made the Heads value wrong in the partition table, and is right in the bios parameter block (BPD). The CHS value really doesn't matter in the partition table because most software that can virtualize a pc ignores that and uses the BPD to calculate the correct value. Information from this website :

So I need to figure out the heads value if its correct in the BPD and edit the partition table with the correct value, or I can just tell the grub4dos setting for the virtual hard drive , I would rather fix the hard drive image than set it in grub4dos. Also below is the message from grub4dos:


  • If anyone out there with an answer its much appreciated even im stuck on the same issue. Tried posting this issue on various forums still i have not got a satisfied answer

    Adrian Gates
    Sr. System Admin - CloudDesktopOnline

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