PSU Exploded

I have an older computer that I recently put back together after I took apart for some stupid reason.
It's an old computer that was my first childhood computer, and then I got to work again. After I put it back together, I plugged it in to see if it still works, and right when I pressed the switch, the power supply just popped, making a huge spark, I almost got killed, good thing I didn't lol. So yeah, I've been wondering why this happened, but I think I remember plugging a cable into the wrong place on the motherboard. But I do know that I need to a new power supply.
BTW, it's an Intel Pentium II computer with 64 MB RAM and 64 MB hard drive, running Windows 98. Still works, but just has a little flaw, which I wonder if I can resolve. Could there be a way? Thanks :)


  • If there was smoke it might have been an RFI capacitor. Those are easy to replace but usually only go bad in much older poorly stored stuff.

    If not then probably something on the PCB shorted. That can happen if screws aren't in right, plastic spacers accidentally omitted, and such. Probably toasted, but check any fuses.

    I'm guessing this isn't standard AT or ATX form? That is why I always stick to standard forms, easy to find replacements.

  • Smoke did come out, and it started to smell like baby wipes, which could have been lead, and lead to a dangerous chemical to inhale. And when I opened the power supply, I think I did see a yellow stain inside of it, so I think it's pretty much fried, and I'm probably going to replace it. I kinda regret taking this desktop apart, thinking I could convert it to a modern gaming computer.
    I just have something to say. Pentium IIs. are the worst. generation. of central processing units. I have ever come across!

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