[OFFER] [REQUEST] red star os

can we archive red star os here?

the isos can be found here: http://www.openingupnorthkorea.com/downloads-2

version 2.0 and 3.0 and 3.0 server are available here

all of them should be uploaded here


  • This was mentioned before, and I know that the admins will give a big fat "no" to it, no matter how many times you implore. Besides, Kim Jong-un wouldn't be happy if we used them, would he?

  • @Bry89 said:
    Besides, Kim Jong-un wouldn't be happy if we used them, would he?

    Do you really care what a fat, spoilt kid wants?

    They can't produce a distribution and except it staying in their country. Like stealing sweets from a child...

  • Well from what I recall, it's not a good idea for anyone outside North Korea to use it, as it relies on its own internet only. Also, for reference, here's the original thread about the subject matter from a year ago > https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/9766/can-you-add-redstaros/p1

  • why cant we archive it here anyway?

  • The answer is in the link Bry89 provided. Basically, RedStarOS reports back to North Korea, which can be considered spyware. Thus, it won't be found here.

  • I didn't see it from that point up to now. I agree. I think it shouldnt be in a row along with Ready-To-Use-And-Feel-Free-To-Try-Software.

    Nevertheless it should be kept somewhere accessible for people interested in research.
    What do you think, is the place where is it now trustworthy in terms of long-term-availability?

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