98lite Questions

I just installed 98lite 4.5 on my ThinkPad T22 (Windows 98 SE, though I considered 95 and Me) and I noticed that when I installed the Windows 95 Explorer file, I found a few odd things that I was wondering if you could explain them and how to reverse them.

1.) The gradient title bars are gone! How do I get them back?
2.) The effect for the start menu scrolling up or down as it opens or closes is gone. Can I re enable this?
3.) I am back to the old Windows 95 icons. Can I add the Windows 98 icons back using the Explorer.exe and Shell32.dll from that release?

One thing I'm okay with but found curious is that when I open IE5 with the 98 shell enabled it just opens it, but with the 95 shell, it shows the "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5" splash screen, which I also saw on a Win95 VM running IE5.


  • BTW, the animations for maximizing and minimizing windows are gone too. Windows is much more responsive and feels faster, but unfortunately many aesthetic features have been disabled.

  • UPDATE: I figured out my problems. Please close this thread.

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    @PhantomONC What was the solution? Posting it might help anyone else having this issue in the future.

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