Does anyone know what software was used for making early DVD Videos?

Given that this is software related (I mean, a computer had to be involved in the development of DVDs, they wouldn't be digital if this wasn't the case), I figured it would be worth posting about here. If this isn't appropriate for this forum, then I apologize.

Nowadays we have programs such as Nero, iDVD, or Windows DVD Maker for making our own DVD Video discs, but given that programs like those weren't around until the 2000s and DVDs were introduced to the world in 1995-97, the question that has been crossing my mind for years is what software (if any) was involved in the development/creation of the early studio DVD Video titles?

One theoretical guess is maybe special software was in use that we (the general public) don't know about, like maybe some early DVD authoring program. Another theory is that maybe the menus and such were programed manually with some sort of programming language (IDK what was used for DVD Menus). If anyone here has experience in this field of technology, feel free to tell me what you know about this.


  • An easy answer is that CD burners were just coming on the market, never mind DVD burners. Just like before CD burners were available for home markets, most DVDs were made with expensive commercial equipment. Also, another problem is that DVD video is encrypted. Most companies did not have acsess to DVD encoding equipment, only deco

  • I know there were very cumbersome tools for doing that and they were for UNIX systems, not for PC.

    If have to realize that it wasn't till XXI century (sic!) till consumer DVD-R devices have become available. Before that videofiles had to be shipped to a factory to stamp them into DVD-ROM - on tape!

    After introduction of Pioneer DVR-A03 in 2001 lots of different software capable of producing them materialized but given the fact that before that THE ONLY way to make a DVD was to stamp a DVD-ROM using extremely expensive equipment... I doubt there were lots of consumer-usable software for doing that...

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