[OFFER] Hitchhiker's Guide - Voyager Expanded Books (Mac)

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Here's another piece of software I just got this week:

The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy from Voyager Expanded Books for Mac released in 1991 on one 3,5" HD floppy

This is an application containing the first four books of the "trilogy" enhanced with graphics, as far as I know. I haven't been able to try the software yet since I do not own a Mac. Disk image is available if someone is interested :)


  • I would love to check out an image of this if you still have it. Over the last few months I've been exploring some of the old Mac software from my childhood in the 80s, and I have also been re-reading Douglas Adams' books. This would combine both hobbies perfectly!

    There is an emulator for older Macintoshes that works quote well -- minivmac. It requires an image of the ROM from an older Mac, but these can be found online if necessary. It should allow you to run this software, if I understood the system requirements correctly.

  • Here it is! I almost didn't see your message because it was in the spam folder...

    I enjoyed reading the plain paper books myself and when this item was for sale it was too good to not get it. The disk comes in a small folder with a leaflet containing instructions, should you need any clues how to get it running.

  • Got it running (had to install Hypercard player, which fortunately I had.)

    It's not quite as intuitive to navigate as I would have thought (perhaps web idioms have diverged ever so slightly from Hypercard, and I never used Hypercard that much back when it was popular.)

    I too have the paper books, as well as the modern ebooks (I've probably purchased each of the Hitchhiker's books 4 or more times all told.) So I don't anticipate reading them again in this format. But it is interesting to look back at how things were done "back in the day" as compared to now. (I was around back then, but didn't explore things the same way I do now.)

    Thanks for posting this, and let me know if you need any help with getting Mini vMac to work, should you try it. It's an interesting rabbit hole to spend some time in. ;)


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